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Environmental Policy

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Last review date: Dec 2013
Next review date: Dec 2014

Issue No: 1.5

Bishop Fleming recognises its responsibilities towards the environment and seeks to ensure that whilst our impact within the market place is maximised, the impact on the surroundings in which we operate is reduced wherever possible. Bishop Fleming aims to make a positive contribution to reducing the environmental impact of its partner organisations and clients through the promotion of behavioural change in the areas of energy efficiency and sustainable business practices.

We are committed to deliver our work in accordance with the relevant environmental legislation.

Bishop Fleming aims to:

  • Manage its activities with consideration for the environment and in a manner that is consistent with our values.
  • Minimise its impact upon the environment by reducing energy consumption by a minimum of 5% in 2014.
  • Where deemed appropriate, purchase products and services from supply chain partners who have demonstrated a commitment to good environmental practice.
  • To assist in achieving our environmental objectives, Bishop Fleming will pro-actively monitor its energy usage, procurement policy and waste management.

This policy has been communicated to all employees of Bishop Fleming as well as those working on our behalf and is available to the public upon request.