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The value of School Business Professionals

Posted by Ben Rance on March 13, 2018

The value of School Business Professionals

At a time when budgets are becoming increasingly challenging to manage; with schools and trusts facing pressure to do more with less, it might seem odd that we write to you about increasing resources in the Senior Leadership Team (SLT)! But recent case studies highlight the value to schools from doing so.

A matter of time

It goes without saying that Headteachers cannot manage a school or trust singlehandedly, they rely upon the support of their SLT, a dedicated School Business Professional (SBP) would free up other SLT members to concentrate on the business of teaching. This time could also be used to allow the Headteacher and other members to become more involved in the community of school Life or as in the case of Morecambe Road School to generate additional revenue for the Academy.

Cost vs benefits

Increasing staffing levels at the SLT level will increase immediate staffing costs, but as in the case of Breck Primary School it was possible to identify cost savings straightaway, showing that in certain cases it is simple to ascertain the benefits to the trust from the new post being in place.


Whether you are looking to set up a multi academy trust (MAT), expand the number of schools operated by your MAT or simply looking to grow the number of pupils at a given school Ancaster Church of England Primary School demonstrates that a SBP operating as part of the SLT can add tremendous value, Debra at Ancaster devoted her time to obtaining finance which ultimately led to the development of two new classrooms and a 25% increase in pupil numbers.

Lessons to be learnt

All three of the case studies mentioned above highlight the importance of the SBP being a member of the SLT. This better informs discussions at SLT meetings and at Governor and Trust Board level, and allows for better information flow across the organisation.

An SBP need not only be concerned with finance as property and other compliance matters are of great importance also. Outsourcing certain functions may not always provide the best outcomes to trusts as some external organisations may lack the working knowledge of the trust that a SBP could boast.

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