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Audit and Accounts

A technically strong audit approach designed to deliver value throughout the year

At Bishop Fleming, we don’t like to think of the audit as just a necessity - for us it’s a way to increase our understanding of your academy, to identify potential weaknesses and to determine how we can help, providing increased security for you and your school.

We take a risk-based approach to auditing which means we focus on areas of most risk to your organisation.

The service we deliver matches strict compliance requirements with your need to run a successful organisation. This means minimising any disruption caused by the audit process, and maximising the potential to bring you meaningful insights on activities and financial controls.

You can expect us to provide:

  • A flexible easy-to-use audit service that’s technically strong
  • An organised approach with a timetable, year end file, proforma documents and guidance notes
  • Annual training
  • A quality management letter with practical recommendations based on extensive experience
  • Electronic audit files minimising paper usage. This may be a new process for the school and we can guide you through it step by step
  • The best expertise available in the region.

Most academy clients also come to us for support in putting their accounts in statutory format. We are often tailoring our approach to hand hold our clients through this process.

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